Thank you for your interest in being a volunteer
for Operation Food Basket!

Greetings Operation Food Basket Volunteers,

It is time to start preparing for our 2020 OFB activities but to keep all volunteers and families safe and healthy, we are taking a different approach this year. The need is greater than ever before with Covid and so many people unemployed, children are not getting fed at school so it is imperative that we continue our annual Operation Food Basket program and perhaps expand it if we can.

The biggest change is, that for 2020 only, we plan to give our families Wegmans gift cards. As in the past, the value will be allocated on a headcount basis so that the larger families will get a larger amount than small families, in a value roughly equal to the food we packed in the past years. A minimum of one weeks supply for each person/family. This means that the volunteer roles will be quite different this year. We will not be packing food so we do not need shoppers, packers and car loaders but there are other roles we will need more of.

  • Drivers - We have not yet finalized the process to be used to get the gift cards to the recipients. The question we have is - would any of the volunteers, even folks who normally perform a different role, be willing to deliver gift cards? We would set up a PPE program: masks, gloves etc. We would require that an adult recipient sign for the gift card reciept or be willing to have a picture taken. We need at least 50 driver pairs to be able to perform this role.
  • Family Caller - The role of family caller is even more important this year as we need a team to confirm not only the distribution details btu also explain that the process is different his year and why.
  • Shoppers - While we have always worked very closely with the House of Mercy as they provide 90% of our families, this year we are following a more coordinated approach to providing groceries for our families. Along these lines, the HOM has asked if we could help them with packing their food baskets. We are looking for people who are willing to work in the HOM warehouse spread out over a few days to socially distance to pack food in boxes or bags. The role would involve working with Sister Rita and her team to pack boxes of groceries and children’s toys ready for distribution. You could sign up for one day or multiple days.
  • Fund Raising - is as important as ever but with so many Xerox employees working remotely it will be harder than ever. As always, we need internal fund raisers, but we also need external fund raisers. These people will help apply for grants, approach businesses, etc.
  • The various roles and contact person are listed below. The contact person can provide additional information and will be the lead as we move forward.

    Family Caller

  • Call each family, explain what is different this year, that they will get Wegman’s gift cards in lieu of groceries, that a signature will be required for these gift cards, confirm the delivery date.
  • Will divide the 300+ family list by the number of family callers.
  • Leads/Contact

    Tim Botsford - tim072190@gmail.com

    Laura Norris - Laura.Norris@xerox.com

    Envelope Stuffer

  • Using the information in the master spreadsheet, put the correct value of gift cards and letter in an envelope and affix a label. We will provide the letter and gift cards.
  • About 10 people to stuff ~300 + family envelopes
  • Leads/Contact

    Bernie Durman - Bernie.A.Durman@gmail.com

    Gift Card Distribution

  • Drive to and deliver gift cards to the families, get a signature or photo.
  • Thinking ~5-6 families per trip.
  • Will have a PPE program to include masks, gloves, sanitizer
  • We are testing to see if there will be at least 50 driver pairs willing to do this before finalizing the role.
  • Leads/Contact

    Chuck Falcon - Charles.Falcon@xerox.com

    Fund Raiser

  • External to Xerox Fund Raising
  • 2020 will be a challenging year to raise money so we are looking for people to help us raise money outside of Xerox.
  • Leads/Contact

    Gary Mroczek - gmroczek@yahoo.com

    Box Packers at House of Mercy

  • External to Xerox Fund Raising
  • Working at the House of Mercy, pack boxes for their families.
  • Will be over a period of multiple days, will allow for social distancing, masks required.
  • This is separate from Operation Food Basket but supporting our largest beneficiary.
  • Leads/Contact

    Bernie Durman - Bernie.A.Durman@gmail.com

    If you are willing to do any of the activities described above or have any questions, please send a note to the contact person listed. Thank you very much.